On a Sunday

On a Sunday - 2009

Third CD: 2009

songs sung in English are added to our repertoire of Mexican and New Mexican tunes

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Frank McCulloch y Sus Amigos: On a Sunday


1    With Rue My Heart is Laden - Music by Frank McCulloch, lyrics from an A.E. Housman poem
2    El Parajo Choguí - Traditional Paraguayan
3    Valley of Jarama - Traditional melody, lyrics by Lee Hays, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger
4    On a Monday - Huddie Leadbetter
5    Blow the Candles Out - Traditional Irish
6    La Puerta del Cielo - Traditional New Mexican
7    Deportee - Woody Guthrie    
8    Julia Mia - Traditional New Mexican
9    The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond - Traditional Scottish
10   La Borrachita - Traditional Mexican
11   La Cautiva Marcelina - Traditional New Mexican
12   Romanza - Traditional Spanish
13   The Bantry Girls’ Lament - Traditional Irish
14   John Henry - Traditional American
15   Jimmie’s Texas Blues - Jimmie Rodgers
16   Irene - Huddie Ledbetter

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